Our Team

Elisa is a certified pre and post natal fitness instructor and has been teaching since 2013. She is married to the love of her life, John, since 2003. She is mother to John Moses, stillborn in April 2010, Beatrice, born April 2012, and Lenora, born December 2013. Growing up overweight and obese, Elisa has since developed a healthy lifestyle and works to cultivate a fitness friendly home and life for herself and her family. She joined Stroller Strides in June of 2012 and quickly decided that the Fit4Mom family was just the right place for her. She is deeply passionate about motherhood, fitness, nutrition, community, and her faith. She is delighted to see her areas of excitement dovetail with the work she does with Fit4Mom of Mill Creek and Lynnwood and hopes to set an example for other moms of how to care for themselves while caring for their little ones. She has taken on the role of franchisee/owner of the Fit4Mom franchise in Mill Creek and Lynnwood and is looking forward to connecting with more moms in the local community.


I am a mom of two beautiful little girls, Cammy who is 2.5 years old and Hailey who is 2 months old. I am an active mom that has put fitness as a top priority of my day. I love being a part of Stroller Strides and being able to instruct is an added bonus. There is nothing better than showing my girls how important being fit actually is!!!


I became a mom in March 2014 when my son, Anthony, was born. I joined Stroller Strides and Running Club a few months later since I love to exercise and could get a great workout while bringing Anthony along. I also met so many wonderful, well-rounded, positive moms who really helped me get through the first few challenging months as a new mom. As an instructor, I would like to share the gifts that Fit4Mom has given me: fun, dynamic workouts to keep me in shape and a supportive group of moms to share the struggles and joys of motherhood with. Hooray for fit mommas!


I am a mom to three boys: Wyatt, born August 2008; Dillon, born April 2011; and Logan, born June 2014. I have been married to Gavin since July 2005. I have been a stay at home mom since May 2014, and soon after Logan was born, I realized I needed to get myself out of the house and meet new friends! I joined Fit4Mom in September 2014, and have been an instructor since February 2016. Not only am I getting my exercise in, I have met many awesome moms and kiddos, and look forward to meeting many more!


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